Why We Love Planner 5D – Product Review

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Introducing Planner 5D: The All-In-One 3D Design Tool

If you’re looking for an excellent value for money and entry-level design tool, look no further than Planner 5D. Planner 5D has been on the market for some time; in fact they were among the pioneers of using AI to generate digital floor plans from existing ones.

The Planner 5D editor allows for easy switching between 2D and 3D modes, and they have a large library of home furnishings to complete your space. Another bonus? A large community of design lovers who share their creations and even participate in contests.

What is Planner 5D?

Planner 5D comes in several versions. The most basic tool is the “upload a plan” floor planner, which allows you to digitize your existing floor plan into a 3D model that’s ready to start designing.

Planner 5D’s home design version is aimed to make renovation work planning and visualization easy for non-professionals. Besides this, there is also Planner 5D Pro, a professional tool that allows for AI concept generation and professional tools for project management, with new features being added all the time.

Our Experience Using Planner 5D

I first learned about Planner 5D when I was still in design school when one of my classmates decided to use the Planner 5D platform to render some of the images for her final project. Her results back then were a lot more impressive than what I was able to pull off, and it wasn’t long after that I signed up as well.

What We Love About Planner 5D

We love how accessible Planner 5D is for beginners to interior design. In particular, Planner 5D has their own ‘design school’ program, which teaches all the most fundamental concepts that beginners to 2D/3D residential design should know. What makes this program even better for those just starting out is that once you’ve completed the course you are eligible to join their professional designer community and even start finding projects. What’s more, if you take the course you can lock in their student deal of $9.99/mo. in perpetuity!

Planner 5D’s Best Features

Planner 5Ds best features are no doubt their AI floor plan tools, easy modeling and quick rendering. Using Planner 5D is similar to using Sketchup, only way easier. Material editing in the program is fully customizable, and similar to SketchUp, they have a large user-generated library of 3D furnishings of more than 5,000 items.

Another thing that makes Planner 5D appealing is their welcoming community, which is really appealing for newcomers to interior design. We’re also really encouraged to see all the PRO project management features and client communication tools they are rolling out. This puts them in a new category where they can contend with other popular all-in-one design platforms like Design Files and MyDoma.

Planner 5D is available for PC and Mac, desktops and tablets.

Who it’s For

Planner 5D has something for everyone, from complete beginners to students and DIY enthusiasts to small business owners. Virtual interior designers, e-designers and residential design professionals in particular will find their products easy to work with.

Who Might Need Something Different

If you are a designer who needs to make a lot of customizations, Planner 5D might not be the best option for you. Although there is a lot of customizing that you can do, it’s not a finely tuned instrument like SketchUp, Chief Architect or AutoCAD.

In addition, while the rendering quality is good, Planner 5D is not as photorealistic as some of the newest tools on the market. Nonetheless, for the price and the ease of access, this is a tool that we wholeheartedly recommend and a great choice for beginners or small businesses.

How to Get Started with Planner 5D

As affiliates of the Planner 5D program, we are happy to point you in the right direction if you want to check Planner 5D out for yourself.

Thank you for reading this review and we hope that it has been helpful.

Happy designing!

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