About Design Baddie

Welcome to Design Baddie!

Design Baddie is the vision of Saskia van Oudtshoorn, also known as Von Sassy. Saskia is an architecture, design, and art enthusiast with a background in interior design from Rhodec International. Her journey into the world of design began unexpectedly, but it turned out to be a life-changing adventure.

As a frustrated artist in a non-creative career, Saskia discovered her love for urban and interior design, 3D modeling, and digital arts. She realized that monetizing design services offered more possibilities than monetizing traditional art and offered the best opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Saskia pursued her passion for design by earning her interior design degree online, even while living in a foreign country with limited English-language educational resources. Her dedication paid off, and she overcame unexpected challenges to achieve her goal.

Design Baddie became Saskia’s platform to inspire fellow creators and artists as well share her love for design and style with a new generation. With a background in teaching, her aim is to mentor and inspire others by sharing her unique journey into the world of design. She believes that artists can benefit greatly from a design and technical education.

Design Baddie covers topics from interior design through to interior fashion, style trends, and sustainable design. Saskia’s vision includes addressing broader urban planning and development challenges through adaptive-reuse projects.

Through Design Baddie, Saskia encourages readers to embrace the power of design in changing the world. She believes that designers are the ultimate optimists and that design can be a catalyst for positive change.

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Design Baddie is all about celebrating the baddies in the world of design. Join us on this creative journey and let’s design a better future together!

— Saskia (aka Von Sassy)