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Interior Design Style Visual Theory

Long obsessed with critiquing interiors, Vonsassy has developed an interior design visual theory for helping anyone; from beginners to professionals, to visually read an interior in a series of steps.

The ‘Big Five’ Interior Design Style Visual Spectrum

The interior design style spectrum, as taught by Vonsassy scatters all known existing interior design and decorating styles across a spectrum.

The interior design style spectrum spans from ‘traditional‘ (classical interior styles), on the one end, to opposing ‘modern‘ (modern era interior styles) on the other.

The 8×2 Interior Design Styles Theory: 16 ‘Personalities’

Furthermore, breaking every known interior design style down into several key components, the 8×2 Interior Design Style System* assigns a distinct ‘style personality‘ to a range of 16 possible styles.

See the 16 Interior Design Personality Styles* (8×2 Method) by Vonsassy

Individual Interior Design Styles: Popular Style Guides

Get to know every single historically important and also popular interior design and decorating style out there.

What’s more, find out how to design each like a pro, using our interior design style science, helpful styling tips and best shopping advice.