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Art Deco, a design movement that emerged in
the early 20th century, has left an indelible mark
on architecture, interior design, and the
decorative arts. Among its most notable
contributions are the iconic Art Deco homes,
characterized by their distinctive geometric
shapes, sleek lines, and luxurious details. 
In this Redfin article, we will delve into the
fascinating world of Art Deco houses, exploring
their history, unique features, and providing
inspiring examples. Whether you’re an
architecture enthusiast searching for vintage
homes in Los Angeles
, or a homeowner
seeking design inspiration in New York, join us
as we delve into the world of these architectural
Read the full article here: Art Deco Houses:
Everything You Need to Know About this
Timeless Architectural and Design Style

Smart Blogger

Design Baddie was featured in Smartblogger’s article on the top well-paying jobs for stay-at-home moms that are actually legit. We were very happy to see virtual interior design make the list!

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