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How to Get Festive with 5 Interior Design Styles for the Holidays

Can you believe a year has flown by and it’s that time of year again? If you’re in the mood for decorating, I’ve got some great news for you! This year we’re going to check out some traditional Christmas styles and some unusual ones just for fun.

At the end of the day, no matter what style your home is there is always a way to make it more festive and inviting for the holidays.

If I had to pick a style that I thought was most festive for the holiday season, I’d probably go straight to chalet style. I spent a Christmas in Norway and it was a picturesque, postcard-worthy occasion. One that I will probably never forget!

But what about places that aren’t covered in snow this time of year?

African Christmas decorating?

Tropical style in the arctic?

Not every style seems “christmas-sy”, but you can decorate for the season in any style if you can find decor that works with the features and elements of your room’s existing style.

To illustrate this point, I’ve put together five mock-ups, each one in a different design style.

They are:

  1. 1. Bohemian Glamorous (Modern-Eclectic style)
  2. 2. English Country “Gentleman” (Eclectic-Traditional style)
  3. 3. Ethnic Modern (Modern-Eclectic style)
  4. 4. Modern Farmhouse (Modern-Eclectic style )
  5. 5. “Tropical” Scandinavian (Pure Modern style)

1. Bohemian Glamorous Style for Xmas

This Bohemian contemporary room embraces an easy glamour to offer up those cozy, holiday vibes.

The palette is warm and saturated and there is plenty of pattern, from the oriental style rug to the wooden divider-screens’ intricate cut-out detail.

Warm, mid-tone wood flooring and gilt-edge gold frames add the right amount of sparkle and keep the mood luxurious.

The artwork is abstract, but framed in the traditional way.

This is a ‘modern eclectic’ genre room.

2. English Country Style for Xmas

This “gentlemen’ club” vibe is created with the distinguished bachelor at Christmas in mind.

The wood paneling is an excellent backdrop for the festive tones of the area rug and holiday decor.

Again, we have abstract artwork, this time naturalistic photography in modern black frames.

This modern addition to the more traditional features of the room brings the room out of the pure traditional genre and into ‘eclectic-traditional’ genre territory.

Other modern touches include the ‘poodle balloon sculptures’ for some tongue-in-cheek fun as they pick up on the traditional dog portrait as well as the red, green and metallic Christmas color scheme.

3. Ethnic Modern Style for Xmas

An ethnic style is probably not the first thing you’d associate with Christmas decorating.

However, it’s important to remember that Christmas is celebrated in plenty of places around the world that don’t get much snow in December!

Here the Christmas decorations have been kept to a bare minimum. The tree has little ornamentation and is being potted in an African earthernware vessel.

The gift boxes are also minimalist.

A simple star adorns the top of the tree.

Instead of red, the blue and white are brought together with the addition of plenty of warm, earthy browns.

This room is styled in the ‘modern-eclectic genre’.

4. Modern Farmhouse Style for Xmas

This attic space has been converted into a Christmas entertaining area for the holidays.

With the exposed timber beam ceiling and serene, white backdrop, the room feels contemporary because of the fresh palette and the addition of modern furniture.

The room has mostly modern features, and a few traditional elements to keep it grounded and warm.

The lighting fixture is industrial.

The green of the Christmas tree works as an accent. It picks up on the small patches of green in the stockings and table decorations.

The rest of the palette is warm, neutral, red and white with a few warm metallic accents.

This room is another example of ‘modern-eclectic’ style!

5. “Tropical Scandinavian” Style for Xmas

I wanted to introduce this interesting design style I came across a few years ago, and I’ve further added to the “outlandishness” of this style by using it in a Christmas holiday setting.

We are all familiar with Scandinavian style, and this year we became better acquainted with Japandi style (Scandinavian and Japanese fusion).

Scandinavian tropical is older than Japandi, but possibly not as well known.

On the one hand, Scandinavian tropical style explores the Scandinavian fascination with the tropics, hothouses and tropical foliage.

This style also comes about naturally when people decorate in the Scandinavian way in tropical and subtropical climates.

Personally, I find the broader Scandivanian style a “common denominator” type of style.

That is to say, that because of how stylistically pure and functionally simple Scandinavian design is, it is easy to pair with other styles.

Tropical plants look good with a ton of different design styles, so why not Scandinavian?

I think this is one we might just have to bring back!

This room is Pure Modern.


I had a lot of fun creating these mock up designs for different styles for the holiday season 2021.

Which one did you like best?

I’d also love to know what ‘style’ your home will be once you’re done with your decorating.

Drop a line below!

For those of you who want to know more about Scandinavian Tropical style (or who don’t believe its a thing!), links below!

Happy style execution, Baddies!


Want to know more about interior design styles? The Mega List is a good place to start!

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