How to Recognize the Decorative Modernist (NSOP) Style Personality Type

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Time to check out yet another interesting interior design personality, this time a bold modernist type.

What is a style personality? At Design Baddie we recognize sixteen different personalities of style across the traditional, eclectic, and modern range of styles. Our 8×2 Style method uses key metrics to define visual types, similar to the way the Myers-Briggs Personality index defines personality types for people.

Today, we’re diving into the NSOP – The Decorative Modernist style personality type. This style is for those who love clean and sleek lines paired with dramatic colors and added decorative touches which often include pattern.

Style Personality Key: NSOP – Neoteric/Saturated/Ornamental/Patterned

Style Keywords: Dramatic, Bold, Fun, Decorative

Key Characteristics of the Decorative Modernist Style

Architectural Elements: Modern (at least 90%)

Overall Color Palette: Mostly deep or saturated colors (at least 60%)

Furnishings and Decor Profile: Ornamental and playful with strong style (at least 60%)

Soft finishes characteristics: Patterned finishes with either strong or ornate motifs (at least 40%)

The Decorative Modernist is not in any sense a strict modernist. If you are an art lover and enjoy modern architecture, but would rather not live in an all-white box, you might just be a NSOP personality type. This style personality type is all about modern design; but the rest of the style story goes in a more liberal direction because of their deep appreciation for color and ornamentation.

The NSOP type’s color, pattern and furniture choices don’t have to be classical, but their appreciation for ornamentation puts them in a category which is still modern, but always on its own terms.

Yes, decorative modernists are one of the rule-breaking personality types!

PS: If you love rule-breakers with lots of color you might also like the Updated Traditionalist personality style.

The decorative modernist type is all about clean and modern lines, but with a playful twist. While they aren’t big on traditional trim, heavy classical paneling or window dressings, they do love to incorporate ornamental and decorative touches. The furnishings and decor that they choose to add to their space always adds personality and warmth. Decorative details might include very modern takes on architectural detailing. Decorative modernists tend to be very selective about their furniture and decor choices, and they often have excellent taste when it comes to accessories.

The NSOP style is all about balancing the simplicity of the room envelope with fun ornamentation in the form of furniture, decor and art. They never shy away from pattern, but find ways to embrace it, often using playful and bold motifs.

Architectural shell – Despite maintaining a clean and modern architectural shell, decorative modernist types use color and visual detail to great effect. They are also big fans of large scale, abstract and modern artworks.

In terms of color palette, the Decorative Modernist prefers bold and saturated colors in generous amounts. They like to use rich, deep hues to create focal points in their space and add interest to their look. NSOP types love to use bold and patterned soft finishes on rugs, cushions and floor finishes to add texture and depth to their interiors.

When it comes to furnishings and decor, the Decorative Modernist loves ornamental and playful pieces that add character and charm to their space. They often mix different styles and eras to create an eclectic and interesting vibe. They like to add statement pieces to their space, such as a unique and sculptural light fixture or a bold piece of artwork.

In terms of lighting, the Decorative Modernist prefers clean and bold statement fixtures that blend seamlessly into their space. They often use abstract lighting designs to complement their decor and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Overall, the Decorative Modernist is all about creating a space that is both sleek and playful. They value modern design and clean lines, but will feel free to add decorative and ornamental touches to make their space unique and inviting.

Popular Styles Which Often Present as NSOP

Some existing interior design styles which often fall into this category include:

The Hollywood Regency interior design style

The Art Deco interior design style

The Retro interior design style

Examples of Famous Interiors in this Style:

Tin Building and Boom Boom Room in New York City

The W Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

We hope you enjoyed learning about the Decorative Modernist interior design personality type. This has been 8×2 Style with Design Baddie with the aid of my AI style assistant ChatGPT, and all of the single rendered images you see here were created with Mid-Journey.

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