How to Recognize the Updated Traditionalist (TSCS) Interior Design Style Personality

What is a style personality? Our Design Baddie 8×2 Style method recognizes sixteen different personalities of style across the traditional, eclectic and modern range of styles. We use key metrics to define visual types, similar to the way the Myer-Briggs Personality index defines personality types for people.

Curious to know more? We got you! In this article we look at a traditional style personality that enjoys modern furnishings.

Style Personality Key: TSCS – Traditional/Saturated/Clean/Solid

Key Characteristics of the Updated Traditionalist Style:

Architectural Elements: Traditional (at least 60%)

Overall Color Palette: Mostly saturated, significant dark values (at least 55%)

Furnishings and Decor Profile: Mostly clean and unfussy (at least 60%)

Soft finishes characteristics: Solid colorways with minimal pattern (at least 85%)

The updated traditionalist is quite happy to live with their traditional architectural elements and they are not afraid of color. Nonetheless, when it comes to their furnishings they prefer clean, solid forms and unfussy details. An updated traditionalist is someone who appreciates traditional interior design elements, such as classic furniture and even fine architectural details, but with a modern twist. They tend to blend classic and timeless elements with contemporary updates to create a cohesive and sophisticated look.

In terms of color palette, an updated traditionalist enjoys drama, but they don’t want to feel overwhelmed by their historic elements, so they allow their space to breathe by bringing in mostly modern furniture, lighting and decor.

This style personality is not big on pattern, so if they do incorporate patterns into their scheme they will do so very minimally, with light applications of plaids, stripes, and florals, but in a modern, updated way.

In terms of furniture and decor, an updated traditionalist opts for ‘modern classic’ pieces, such as modern takes on classics like wingback chairs and tufted ottomans, but they don’t have any shame about going with totally modern sofas, especially in bold colors. They like to incorporate modern elements, such as a sleek, low-profile coffee table, to balance out the traditional architecture and heavy tones. They may also favor modern sculpture and art or an eclectic mix between old and new.

In terms of lighting, an updated traditionalist may opt for clean but classic chandeliers or sconces in updated finishes such as brushed nickel or black. They don’t like fussy details and prefer to let the architecture and color palette do the talking. They sometimes incorporate modern elements such as recessed lights or statement pendant lights for added drama.

Overall, an updated traditionalist is a strong traditionaleclectic style lover, who does not shy away from contrasts. They value timeless design elements and traditional architecture, but with a modern twist to make it look current and fresh. They value comfort and simplicity in the day to day.

Popular styles which often present as TSCS:

Some existing interior design styles which often fall into this category include:

The French Parisian interior design style

The Pure Eclectic interior design style

The Hollywood Regency interior design style

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Examples or famous interiors in this style:

Library in Atlanta by Lauren Jenkins Interiors

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