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Only the 15 Funniest Interior Design and Architecture Memes

Take a walk on the light side of architecture and interior design with our roundup of the funniest design memes of all time.
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There’s no denying that a little bit of humor can make anyone’s day better. Design can seem serious, but designers like to have a good laugh, too. We all enjoy a good meme, but I’ve noticed that it isn’t that often a good design meme makes the rounds.

Maybe that’s something we should fix!

Here are some of the ‘timeless’ memes that a designer like myself has found funny over the years, from my personal collection. Enjoy!

1. Explaining design concepts to non-designers

If your concept is too hard to explain, you probably haven’t arrived at the right solution. On the other hand, sometimes design laymen just don’t understand the basics.

2. When you watched ‘Inception’ one too many times

Every architect and designer’s “favorite movie” might make for better game design than real world design. Cue the reckless endangerment charges coming up as a result of this piece of work.

3. When you admire architecture but aren’t an even an engineer

Lego and minecraft might be the “gateway drugs” to architecture, but many a lego designer never makes it any further than hobbyist status.

4. Because you can’t rush art

If architects are both artists and scientists, it’s pretty clear which part of the brain is running the design concept proposal side of the operation.

5. When hindsight is 20/20

There are some things your CAD program might not catch until your ‘render’ it in real life. Do you think anyone will notice?

6. When you finally get the compliment you deserve

Until you make it into a top shelter magazine or design a home for someone who’s been featured in Forbes, it might feel like no one notices your hard work.

7. When you wish the general public understood what interior designers actually do

Tell someone what you do at a cocktail party as an interior designer and wait for the equally witty responses.

8. Remember when you first learned the difference yourself?

Now it’s laughable that everybody else doesn’t know.

9. When looking at nice interiors makes everyone an expert

Try explaining to your “design-savvy” client the limitations of a design and wait for them to proceed to tell you how wrong you are

10. When your job title amuses the haters

The fact that people spend 95% of their lives indoors, does make them ‘experts’ on physically being in spaces. That doesn’t mean they can design them. But we already knew that.

11. When your clients want to visit you at work

Doesn’t everybody know that the traditional design office is dead? In case you were wondering, this is ‘organized mess’ and designers know where everything is. Don’t touch anything!

12. When your client is still requesting revisions

The project is closed on billable hours and everything is in place, but you’re still getting messages at 2 A.M.

13. When your professor fails you on your commercial project exam

You took that universal wheelchair access measurement way too seriously and forgot about designing a functional bathroom.

14. When your work doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves

You’d love to move into the home you designed for someone else forever, but it’s their fifth home and will probably be gutted and remodeled next spring anyway.

15. When you have to explain what it is that you actually do for a living, again

Yes, it’s a real job. Yes, you actually get paid to do it (mostly). No, not just anybody can do it. Hold that thought, I need to update my project plans. See you at the media shoot.

Bonus Meme: How you feel about your own job

As much as we love being designers, it’s not all making mood boards, picking fabrics, or glossy spreads in the media. Some parts will always be work, but we enjoy those, too. After all, who that is a designer doesn’t love being a designer? I don’t know any.

Stay bada$$.


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